Anderson Mar, Reluctant Icon (othniel77) wrote in maineteens,
Anderson Mar, Reluctant Icon

Us and those boys from Maine, DOUR!

14 bands played our NEPGM Fest BBQ this past Saturday.
The band that gets the award for traveling the further are Portland, Maine, metalers DOUR (

We (Anderson & Matthew of are pleased to announce that Dour guitarist Derric Stevyn has joined our team as the regional Maine representative.

Auditions for alternative bands wishing to play the 2006 New England Punk, Goth, and Metal Festival (Sept. 30- Oct. 1, ostensibly at the Palladium in Worcester if no one throws a monkey wrench in our engines) are being held all-day on Saturday, August 5th, at The Station on St. John Street in Portland, Maine. Sign up your band on our official website if you would like to audition, or get in touch with Derric from Dour ( We would like to thank Derric and all of Dour for their hard work and dedication to not only the NEPGM Fest, but the New England music scene. Please add them on myspace, and try to make out to a show!!!

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